UGLIES! Discounted Balms with Imperfections

UGLIES! Discounted Balms with Imperfections

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Sometimes, we all try to be perfect and it just doesn't work out the way we intended. In this case, these lip balms are just too ugly to sell at retail but I'd hate to waste them so I'm going to offer them here for a discount!

These are perfectly safe-to-use balms with minor physical imperfections. You may receive:

- A balm that has had some dribble down the side of the beautiful zero-waste tube during packaging that has been cleaned off but left a stain.
- A balm that just set weird during packaging and now it looks a little frumpy but still is good balm.

Two colors and two flavors are currently available:

- Rose Shimmer (Cocoa Mint)

- Rose Shimmer (Unflavored)

- Nude (Cocoa Mint)

- Nude (Unflavored)

If the listing is sold out, that means no more UGLIES until I mess up again (which may be sooner rather than later so join our mailing list to get updates!)

These UGLIES would otherwise be thrown in the trash so you're helping us keep these cuties out of the landfill.

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