About Us


At Tidal Wave Organics, we specialize in creating plant-based, mineral sunscreens that are safe and effective for the whole family to use everyday. Whether you are at the beach or at the office, there is a perfect daily sunscreen option for you!

Originally founded in 2017 by Amber Cabrera, she worked as a Data Analyst by day and sunscreen formulator by night. Amber has a Master's degree in Urban Planning and Geographic Information Systems but soon fell in love with the science of sunscreen formulation when she could not find the perfect clean, vegan and USA made sunscreen for both her and her infant son to use. Because of her background in research and data, she relentlessly tested each sunscreen to make sure each was perfectly crafted so you would want to wear it everyday, yet strong enough to protect our little ones. We are a small, family run business based in St. Augustine, Florida USA where we take pride in making our products in small batches to ensure the quality that Amber set out to create.

We are inspired by nature and craft all our products to be completely vegan with ingredients that are carefully picked to be organic, cold pressed and raw where possible. This way, all the ingredients work together to effectively protect and repair the skin. 

We believe that a tidal wave of change starts with a single drop, so we are doing our part by using packaging and shipping materials that are compostable or easily recyclable/reusable. We donate a portion of profits to support cleaning plastic waste from our oceans so we can enjoy clean beaches and healthy wildlife for generations to come. Join us in leaving only footprints behind us!

Welcome to the Tidal Wave Organics family!